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We're constantly working to make Enpose better. Here's what's changed recently

Latest changes

Update privacy policy to be GDPR compliant
1 year ago
Display all the data Enpose captures at /data
1 year ago
Fix screenshot count queries
1 year ago
Archive old screenshots in database
1 year ago
Make a custom changelog system
1 year ago
Make usage checker more efficient
1 year ago
Add Nathanael K's testimonial to homepage
1 year ago
Ask users to leave a testimonial when they've been subscribed for 1mo
1 year ago
Allow users to unsubscribe from transactional emails
1 year ago
Auto email a survey to people who don't subscribe
1 year ago
Increase secret key request security (for Nathanael K)
1 year ago

Up next

Switch from PhantomJS to Headless Chrome
Allow an entire webpage to be captured
Add emoji support
Add flexbox support
Retina screenshot support
Allow control of screenshot filetype (JPG, PNG, GIF)
Use a CDN for screenshot delivery
Improve user onboarding experience

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