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Latest changes

Mention the referral program on the Pricing page
3 weeks ago
Referrals now give each user 100 extra shots (up from 5)
3 weeks ago
Add a private grid of the latest demo screenshots captured
3 weeks ago
Block screenshotting illicit sites in demo
1 month ago
Update to new pricing model
1 month ago
Add a changelog powered by
1 month ago
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Up next

Fix site preload bug for Michael S
Fix SSL redirect on for Michael S
Retina screenshot support
Check that the upgraded server RAM is not overkill
Fix bug with using Google Webfonts in screenshots
Add Enpose to Recomazing
Use a CDN for screenshot delivery
Allow an entire webpage to be captured
Create a wordpress plugin (for @swizec)
Split requests and screenshots into two separate tables to help with query execution times
Build and release
Add new 'Advanced' tutorials to docs
Add example use case tutorials to docs
Support Flex out of the box (from @marckohlbrugge)
Support Emoji out of the box (from @marckohlbrugge)
Use Headless Chrome as fallback browser to PhantomJS
Auto DM people who follow Enpose on Twitter a 15% discount
Implement promo code system
Make a series of 'example uses' for the homepage
Build chatbot onboarding and A/B test

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