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Hey! I'm Jeremy, the guy who created and now runs Enpose. I'm the one who'll be helping you out.

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How are the screenshots stored?

We store all screenshots on our servers. That way, you don't have to worry about hosting. Just ask for a screenshot, and we'll deliver it.

Can you capture the full page?

At present, there's no automatic way of capturing the full page. We're working on rectifying this though!

Does Enpose have a free plan?

Right now there's no free option for Enpose. We don't have the resources to pay for screenshot hosting for non-paying customers. There's a Basic plan for lightweight users.

Who runs Enpose?

Enpose was built and is now operated entirely by Jeremy Blaze, a freelance Product Designer and Maker. If you send in a message, Jeremy will be the person you speak to.

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